“To describe our company, just speak about our espresso coffee. And vice versa. The coffee has our name and, with it, all that is enclosed: we are our coffee!
Our history started more then 60 years ago, with the great passion of my father, Cesare Trucillo. I spent my childhood breathing in the intense and heady aroma of coffee. Those smiling people, that scent, those busy hands all around me: then as now, they inspired a passion for espresso coffee which has gradually become a great family tradition. And so today, we still work with the same enthusiasm as once and our goal is not only sell high quality coffee, but spread the Italian Espresso Culture. This is the shared aim of all Trucillo staff. The passion and determination underlie the care that we take all along the production and marketing chain, from coffee bean to cup, so as to ensure that our clients can share our pride when they offer their own customers this little taste of distilled passion! We bring our attention and care, also to the international market, because we our proud and we know how to transmit the Italian Life Style value”. Matteo Trucillo

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